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Olsen is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus

Will Greg Olsen be a training camp holdout thanks to Drew Rosenhaus? Can Devin Hester coexist in the same offense as Garrett Wolfe? Should Rex Grossman be as untouchable in the starting lineup as he was a year ago? Find out those answers and more right here as we delve into yet another installment of JC's Blips, Blurbs & Blasts.

Here are a few thoughts running through my head as I pull Mike MacDougal from my 16-inch softball game for ineffectiveness: The Bears have signed seven of their nine draft picks already, and expect second-round defensive end Dan Bazuin to put his John Hancock on the dotted line fairly soon. First-round tight end Greg Olsen might take a little more work considering the fact that he's represented... Recommended Stories