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Smith Brings Out Best in Archuleta

Archuleta was popular at his first Fan Convention

A little over a year ago, Adam Archuleta signed the richest contract in history for a safety. But after one miserable season in Washington, he is ready to get his career back on track in Chicago. Archuleta spent some time with Editor in Chief John Crist at this past weekend's Fan Convention and can't wait to prove everybody wrong back in the District of Columbia.

John Crist: It's no secret that you're a big fan of Lovie Smith. What's it like knowing that you'll be playing for him again? Adam Archuleta: I can't tell you how glad I am to be back with Lovie Smith. He is a coach who has impacted my entire career. I've tried to reunite with him since 2003. I've never seen anyone who treats his players with more respect. He never yells at his players or tries... Recommended Stories