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Time for Bradley to Strut His Stuff

Nobody denies the fact that Mark Bradley is oozing with talent. He's big, he's strong, he's fast, and he knows what to do with the football once he gets it in his hands. The trouble is, Bears fans haven't been able to see it very much because nagging injuries have dominated Bradley's two seasons in Chicago. The offense needs a spark in 2007, so could Bradley be the one to provide it?

In terms of natural ability, Mark Bradley is probably the most talented wide receiver you'll find on the Chicago Bears roster. Then why, pray tell, did he finish seventh on the team with only 14 receptions in 2006? How is it possible that fullback Jason McKie is more involved in the passing offense? Why is Rashied Davis, a former Arena Leaguer who was playing cornerback not too long ago, coming... Recommended Stories